Nikita is based on the French film of the same name by Luc Besson. An adaption of the film Nikita called La Femme Nikita (broadcast as Nikita in Canada) is a Canadian action/drama tv show that ran for 4 seasons from 1997 through to 2001.
The film Nikita was remade in 1993 as Point of No Return and starred Bridget Fonda as a drug addict juvenile delinquent that’s found guilty of murdering a police officer. Nikita is sentenced to death, but her death is faked and she is recruited to become an operative by a secret government agent. During her training she is transformed and refined. Upon completion of her training she is taken for dinner by Bob, the same secret agent that had originally recruited her. During dinner she learns of her first mission, to kill a VIP eating in the very same restaurant. 
Maggie manages to complete her first assignment and is able to escape down a laundry chute. After several assignment, Maggie quickly learns to hate her new career as a professional killer and tries to quit. She later asks Bob about quitting, which is denied, but she is granted help getting out of the agency by him if she completes one more job.
While the American version of the film Nikita startting Bridget Fonda brought in mixed reviews, it was granted 3 out of 4 stars and said it was a fairly effective adaption of the original French film, although Anne Parillaud managed to bring a more convincing interpretation in the original version of Nikita.
In the television adaption La Femme Nikita, played by Peta Wilson, was a number one drama for its first two seasons on the basic cable channel USA Network.

Read more on Nikita film (US) at IMDB or a detailed summary of the original film on the Nikita wiki page.

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