Nikita shows


Le Femme Nikita, that is broadcasted as Nikita in Canada is an action drama TV series. This TV series is based on the film by Luc Besson called Nikita.

Joel Surnow adapted this series for television. The USA network cable channel broadcasted it for the first time in North America in 1997 and went on till March 2001. CTV television network aired the series in Canada. In its first two seasons, the series was the top most rated drama TV series in America in the cable network.

The TV series starred Roy Dupuis and Peta Wilson in the lead roles. Sean Callery was the music composer of the series. The series had a running time of about 40 – 45 minutes. Four different production companies produced the series. They were CTV Television Network, LPN Production Inc., Fireworks Entertainment and Baton Broadcasting. The distributor for the series was Warner Bros. Pictures. The audio format for the series was stereo. The series was preceded by Nikita and followed by Nikita the current 2010 TV series. The point of difference in the movie and the TV series is that in the movie the girl is guilty, while in the series she is absolutely innocent.


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