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With Hollywood remaking so many tv shows and past hits for the big screen, it would come as no surprise if Nikita were to be released for the big screen someday. The original Nikita was such a smash hit that it had 2 tv shows as a result.

With today’s technology for special effects in Hollywood, there’s no limit to what can be done. And considering the success of films like The Bourne Identity/Supremacy, it would almost be a guaranteed hit. And just like how the Bourne movie evolved to a series, so could Nikita, with endless scenarios assigned by Division where she travels the globe under covert missions. Point of No Return just didn’t do Nikita the justice it deserves.

Who would you cast as Nikita it it were remade as a movie? There are many fine actresses these days so it would be a touch decision. A leading lady capable of such a role might actually be the launch of someone’s career.


Nikita – Division Control

Percy is planning to take back Division, and will stop at nothing. He’s even planning to kill Nikita’s mentor Carla, the woman that took her off the streets back in the days when she was a junkie. But determined to get to Carla before Percy can, Nikita uses Madeline to get a message to her. But Percy manages to intercept the message and the race is on to get to Carla first. But Amanda tells Alex that its time for her to take back Zetrov and at the same time reveal to all that Alexandra Udinov is alive.

Nikita Series


Although this TV series is an action drama series, the unique aspect of Nikita is that it
does not emphasize on action at all.

The plot is complex but well constructed and it conforms to the genre of spy-fi. The main
reason for the de-emphasis on action scenes is the low budget of the film. The original Nikita series could not afford high end and elaborate action sequences. The team made good use of the meager resources they possessed and did a great job with whatever little they had. The team channeled the resources and their energy in the correct places, like the plot, characters, script and dialogues rather than spending on expensive and useless action sequences.

The TV series displays a very dark tone with its main themes being counter terrorism, which has violence as its main theme, organizational thoughts and philosophies and the techniques of training used by the organization to train an innocent girl with the constant fear of being killed hanging on her. Backstabbing, abuse, blackmail, killing, spying and assassinations are an integral part of the series.

The ethical and moral compunctions that arise out of counter terrorism are displayed in the
Nikita series.

La Femme Nikita

La Femme Nikita was a popular series that ran several seasons.

Nikita – The Movie

Director and writer Luc Besson made an action, drama and thriller flick called Nikita in French. The movie came out in 1990 and in the US it was released as La Femme Nikita. The film is about a girl who is bad and who turns into a true femme fatale. A young criminal girl is convicted but instead of being sent to jail she is employed to work in the French intelligence. The plot is serpent like and the 117 minutes movie is full of excitement.

The girl is given a completely different identity, styled well and made a top spy as well as assassin. Patrice Ledoux has produced the movie. Anne Parillaud, Marc Duret and Patrick Fontana are the actors of the film and they have done a commendable job. Anne Parillaud plays the leading character of Nikita and does a commendable job. She portrays a drug ridden, punkish and psycho girl who is thrown into the cell but then given an alternative to be trained as an assassin. She accepts this training and is trained vigorously and goes back to the society as a normal civilian. This film was remade in the US as Point of No Return but did not do very well.


Nikita shows


Le Femme Nikita, that is broadcasted as Nikita in Canada is an action drama TV series. This TV series is based on the film by Luc Besson called Nikita.

Joel Surnow adapted this series for television. The USA network cable channel broadcasted it for the first time in North America in 1997 and went on till March 2001. CTV television network aired the series in Canada. In its first two seasons, the series was the top most rated drama TV series in America in the cable network.

The TV series starred Roy Dupuis and Peta Wilson in the lead roles. Sean Callery was the music composer of the series. The series had a running time of about 40 – 45 minutes. Four different production companies produced the series. They were CTV Television Network, LPN Production Inc., Fireworks Entertainment and Baton Broadcasting. The distributor for the series was Warner Bros. Pictures. The audio format for the series was stereo. The series was preceded by Nikita and followed by Nikita the current 2010 TV series. The point of difference in the movie and the TV series is that in the movie the girl is guilty, while in the series she is absolutely innocent.



Nikita is based on the French film of the same name by Luc Besson. An adaption of the film Nikita called La Femme Nikita (broadcast as Nikita in Canada) is a Canadian action/drama tv show that ran for 4 seasons from 1997 through to 2001.
The film Nikita was remade in 1993 as Point of No Return and starred Bridget Fonda as a drug addict juvenile delinquent that’s found guilty of murdering a police officer. Nikita is sentenced to death, but her death is faked and she is recruited to become an operative by a secret government agent. During her training she is transformed and refined. Upon completion of her training she is taken for dinner by Bob, the same secret agent that had originally recruited her. During dinner she learns of her first mission, to kill a VIP eating in the very same restaurant. 
Maggie manages to complete her first assignment and is able to escape down a laundry chute. After several assignment, Maggie quickly learns to hate her new career as a professional killer and tries to quit. She later asks Bob about quitting, which is denied, but she is granted help getting out of the agency by him if she completes one more job.
While the American version of the film Nikita startting Bridget Fonda brought in mixed reviews, it was granted 3 out of 4 stars and said it was a fairly effective adaption of the original French film, although Anne Parillaud managed to bring a more convincing interpretation in the original version of Nikita.
In the television adaption La Femme Nikita, played by Peta Wilson, was a number one drama for its first two seasons on the basic cable channel USA Network.

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